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Prestige Pruning Tree Management is committed to delivering excellence by combining safety, cutting-edge industry knowledge, and expert guidance. Our teams excel in all areas, including residential tree care, council contracts, confined space tree removals with stump removal, Australian standard pruning, large-scale block clearing, and creating habitats for local wildlife.

We also provide Arboricultural consultancy services, generating Tree reports for Hazard assessments, Construction impact assessments, and conducting large tree audits for schools and retirement homes to create Tree management plans for risk mitigation.

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that not all trees need removal or destruction. Instead, we focus on optimal pruning techniques to ensure their long-term health and branch structure. Trees can be valuable assets, and improper care or mistreatment can turn them into liabilities.

Our commitment to professionalism extends to the skill levels and work ethics of our Arboricultural field personnel. We value the unique qualities of each team member while upholding paramount safety standards. This includes a comprehensive skill set and experience in all aspects of arboricultural work, as well as the maintenance and repair of equipment.

With a skilled and qualified workforce of arborists, we are well-equipped with various resources, such as Tipper Trucks, Woodchippers of different sizes, 4WD Utilities, a 28M Elevated Work Platform (EWP), a Crane Truck, Mini-loaders, Stump Grinders, and an assortment of Chainsaws paired with necessary rigging gear. These tools enable us to execute confined space tree removals with precision, disassembling trees in manageable sections to maintain safe and organised work environments.

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Commitment to Innovation

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Trawlwoolway Tribe heritage

Cultural heritage

Prestige Pruning Tree Management proudly stands as an indigenous-owned and operated enterprise, with Owner manager, Luke Johnson, hailing from the Palawan Tasmanian Aboriginals of the Trawlwoolway Tribe.

With a profound connection to our rich Australian heritage, our mission revolves around the vigilant stewardship of our local ecosystems, including the diverse flora and fauna they encompass. We are dedicated to collaborating with zoologists whenever feasible, contributing to the preservation and enhancement of local wildlife habitats.

Additionally, we are dedicated to identifying and safeguarding specific local scar trees, playing a vital role in conserving, and cherishing the historical legacy woven into the natural tapestry that surrounds us in our daily lives.

Community Minded

Owner manager of Prestige Pruning Tree management, Luke, is 3rd generation local of the Diamond valley area. Himself, his family, and staff members at prestige pruning have all gone to local schools, involved with local sporting clubs and gyms growing up and continue to live in the area to this day with our own children experiencing all our great outdoor spaces, clubs, shops, restaurants.

Giving back to the community is something very important to Prestige Pruning values as we can all appreciate the people in the township throughout our green wedge community.

The opportunities granted to us growing up in this area have led us to where we are now, and we take pride in our hometown and see the continued

We recognise the significance of a cohesive community that stands together across educational, financial, social, and local sports realms, we prioritize fostering mutual support.

We contribute extensively to our local community as much as we can through various means, including but not limited to:

We are proud to provide sponsorship and continue to sponsor various clubs, including:

  • Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club
  • Shadows Boxing Amateur Team Eltham
  • Diamond Creek Cricket Club
  • Greensborough Bowls Club

Furthermore, we extend our support to the community by donating garden mulch and firewood to several local establishments, including:

  • Local CFA (Country Fire Authority) communities
  • Public Schools
  • Community gardening club initiatives
  • Retirement villages
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