Tree Pruning

Pruning serves multiple important purposes and stands as the primary tree maintenance practice.

Pruning necessitates a grasp of tree biology, as incorrect practices can inflict lasting harm or inhibit a tree’s lifespan. Correct techniques contributing to enhanced tree health, structural integrity, and overall form. It can significantly extend a tree’s useful lifespan while reducing the risk of branch, stem, or whole tree failures.

Prestige Pruning Tree Management offers a range of tree maintenance services, including aerial inspections, formative pruning, weight reduction pruning, dead-wooding removal, and cabling. Our expertise allows us to provide informed guidance and options for optimizing the health, shape, and structural stability of your trees.

Our pruning practices adhere to the rigorous standards outlined in Australian Standards AS 4373, titled ‘Pruning of Amenity Trees,’ and we always comply with local regulations and requirements.

We do not “LOP” trees.

Selecting a qualified arborist for your tree care is of utmost significance. Just as you wouldn’t entrust an untrained electrician or plumber for evident reasons, why compromise when it comes to your trees?

Commonly, the term “lopping” is mistakenly used to denote pruning. However, “tree lopping” refers to the unsystematic “topping” or “lopping” of trees, deviating from the Australian Standard for Pruning Amenity Trees (AS 4373-2007). This detrimental practice, still prevalent in urban settings, not only compromises tree safety and aesthetics but also yields a range of undesirable consequences for both the tree and its owner.

Tree responses to lopping include:
  • Death of the entire tree or lopped segment.
  • Sprouting of epicormic buds around the lopped area, a tree’s effort to compensate for the lost canopy. These shoots often grow hastily and are weakly attached, leading to heightened potential for future failure and posing risks to the public and property.

The tree loses its aesthetic and amenity value, transforming into a visual blemish in the surrounding landscape. Shade provision and softening of adjacent structures are forfeited by lopped trees. This drastic action may surpass the tree’s capacity to endure, causing its demise. Alternatively, in a worst-case scenario, the tree might go unmanaged, evolving into a liability with the potential for catastrophic failure that could result in damage or injury to persons and property.

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