Safety & Quality Assurance

We take all precautions seriously to ensure there is minimal risk to your property, or worse, personal injury to public or our staff.

We understand and acknowledge that it is paramount for our employees to have their best interests at hand with their well-being and safety which reflects our diligence to minimize any unnecessary risks while performing duties for our clients.

Our training includes:
  • A comprehensive induction as part of starting with Prestige Pruning Tree Management that covers our work procedures and health and safety standards and systems.
  • Any contract specific training and customer health & safety inductions.
  • Training in correct use of our machinery which is logged in our induction booklet with questionnaires.
  • Regular training through our toolbox talks and monthly meetings including lessons learned from any incidents and near misses.
  • Formal training associated with licenses including traffic management, working at heights,
  • We regularly consult with our staff and on safety issues through our toolbox talks, which are held weekly. Every three months we hold an equipment inspection workshop where our team swap equipment and pass/fail based on inspection.

Twice a year where we run aerial rescue and emergency scenarios in state forests for our teams so as everyone has an understanding, and a plan should an accident or emergency occur.

Robust training on job roles and responsibilities. It is of utmost importance that an arboricultural team has a good working relationship. Due to the dangerous and noisy nature of our work, our team needs to know exactly what their role is as well as all other team members roles are so there on every second of the job to keep each team member safe on the job site.

We attend industry seminars and workshops run by the Victorian Tree Industry Organisation (VTIO) or similar arboricultural groups.

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