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We started out as many other companies do and provided most of our services to the residents of the Diamond valley area. We very quickly acquired work for our home township Nillumbik shire as they saw our niche in technical climbing skills and dealing with hazardous trees and managing them as required.

We showed our value to other surrounding municipalities, government bodies and schools from the work we provided, and we began securing spots on several other high-status client panels for their preferred tree companies.

The abundance of council work we provide took a lot of our resources up, but we have expanded gradually and very strongly acquiring a vast knowledge of urban tree work and what councils require for permits associated with high standard of work and ethical standards to be able to offer our prestigious services once again to the wider local community.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

From time to time, there arises a need to remove trees that are in decline, pose hazards, or are simply unwanted.


Tree Pruning

Pruning serves multiple important purposes and stands as the primary tree maintenance practice.

Arborist Report

Tree Reports

Through our comprehensive tree hazard assessments, our arborists offer expert guidance for your trees.

Habitat Creation Icon

Habitat Creation

Preserving our local native wildlife has become increasingly vital considering the ongoing degradation of our natural ecosystems.


Stump Grinding

We are equipped with all the necessary gear to stump grind safely, to a depth of 300-400mm below ground.

Cable & Dynamic Bracing icon

Cable & Dynamic Bracing

Troublesome trees can be stabilised and reinforced with bracing, helping them continue standing without needing to be removed.

Safety & Quality Assurance Icon

Safety & Quality Assurance

We take all precautions seriously to ensure there is minimal risk to your property, or worse, injury to people.

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Certificates of Currency

You may follow the links to view our up-to-date insurances.

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