Stump Grinding

Don’t waste time and energy trying to remove a stubborn stump – our impressive grinder will handle it effectively and efficiently.

Once a tree has been removed, those pesky stumps can really cramp your style and take up precious space needed for replanting or moving forward with your building and landscaping projects. We totally get it – safety, aesthetics, and keeping your outdoor space neat and tidy are top priorities.

Rest assured, we come equipped with all the necessary gear to carry out stump grinding safely. Our equipment even features fold-out guards to shield your property from potential window breakages or debris ending up in nearby pools or other sensitive areas.

As part of our standard practice, we typically grind stumps down to a depth of 300-400mm below ground level, which is perfect for replanting small trees right in their place. And if your project requires it, we’re more than happy to grind down even further, wherever it’s necessary and feasible for construction purposes.

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