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Ensuring the well-being of your trees and safeguarding people and property is our top priority.

Through our comprehensive tree hazard assessments, our arborists offer expert guidance to address any existing concerns or potential risks associated with your trees. These assessments also include a cost estimate, allowing you to align the proposed work with your budget.

Our consulting Diploma arborists are highly skilled climbing arborists, each with a minimum of a decade’s hands-on experience in tree work. We firmly believe that to provide the most valuable advice, our consulting arborists must have honed their practical tree work skills in various conditions and environments. This hands-on experience, coupled with their advanced education at universities and Tafes, is crucial for gaining real-world expertise.

This real-world experience is priceless when it comes to identifying potential tree hazards, such as the risk of falling branches, tree failures, or uprooting. It equips our arborists to offer recommendations for effectively mitigating these risks and developing comprehensive tree management plans.

Stay prepared and proactive by prioritizing tree care and hazard prevention.

We can provide tree reports for various purposes, including:

  • Council permits for tree removal or pruning.
  • Hazard assessments and risk mitigation
  • Construction impact assessments
  • Tree audits and health assessments for tree management plans, whether it’s for schools, nursing homes, or other settings.
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